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Since the day Nobmann Cattle Company was started, our goal has been to produce superior cattle that would continue to improve and meet the demands of a fast-paced market. We achieved this in part, by bringing in high quality commercial Angus heifers, and by purchasing the best Angus bulls that we could find, that met our strict and strategic growth and carcass requirements. While doing so, we realized that our cost per bull was very high and that the success of growth on our herd was very reliant on the quality of bulls we bought. Therefore, we decided to start our own seed stock program and Dixie Valley Angus was born to meet our need for correct phenotype and strong growth and carcass genetics to use on our commercial herd. That we feel will meet the needs of todays commercial rancher.

Through purchases that we have made, nationwide as well as through our breeding and E.T. programs, we have developed an elite herd of registered Angus animals that we believe is breed leading. We have brought in the largest number of Baldridge Isabel y69 daughters outside of the Baldridge herd. We also have purchased the herd sires Baldridge Colonel C25, Jindra Stonewall, Diablo Deluxe and Baldridge Elroy who are all elite herd bulls with EPD profiles we wish to emulate.

Our goal at Dixie Valley Angus is to produce great bulls for commercial cattlemen that will add pounds to the calf crop from the day that the animal is born till the day they leave the ranch. We also concentrate on adding carcass weight and IMF to raise premiums in calf crops. We hope to bring phenotype, docility, fertility and fleshing ability to a cow herd. We also believe we can make breed leading females with our cow herd and E.T. program that will fit the needs for seed stock suppliers to add to their herd to make a great product for them for generations to come.

We will be offering bulls for sale at sales throughout the state as well as private treaty at the ranch. We also will offer select females, pregnancies, embryos and semen for seed stock suppliers private treaty at the ranch and at sales nationwide.

We maintain donor and recipient herds on the ranch to stay ahead of the curve genetically. With our elite set of donor cattle and our desire to use the best sires in the breed, we are very excited in our potential for creating progressive and leading genetics for the next generation of Angus cattle.

Meet the Demands of a Fast-Paced Market

Strategic Growth and Carcass Requirements.

Breed Leading Herd of Registered Angus

Elite Herd Bulls with Strong EPD Profiles

Elite Set of Quality Donor Cows and Prospects

Developed for Today?s Commercial Rancher

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